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How International Financial Conduct Authority treats your complaint

Usually, International Financial Conduct Authority
is considering complaints in several stages

1st stage

First, it will check if you provide it. If not, IFCA clarifies facts facts. This is a matter of concern for the opinion of the company. In most cases, IFCA sends your letter to a controlled company.

2nd stage

The company reports to International Financial Conduct Authority in detail and explains the reasons for its decision.

3rd stage

If the audit indicates that the company's decision is not undesirable from a supervisory point of view, International Financial Conduct Authority will notify you of this.

4th stage

If it turns out that IFCA should intervene as a supervisory authority, it will continue to deal with the relevant company. However, International Financial Conduct Authority cannot inform you about the outcome of this dispute, as this is a confidentiality obligation.

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Why it is important to file a complaint in writing

One of the tasks of International Financial Conduct Authority is to ensure the protection of all consumers under the supervision of banks and financial service providers, private insurers and securities trading. Therefore, in accordance with clause 4 of the Financial Services Supervision Act (FinDAG), you can send your request directly to IFCA if you, as a client, want to file a complaint with the company.

Here are a few points to pay attention to: So, you must file a complaint in written or text form with International Financial Conduct Authority using the form on this site. Your letter should always include the facts and the reason for the complaint.

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When filing your complaint, be sure to include this information in your letter:

Your name and address.
If you complain about another person, also indicate his name and address.
The name and address of the company you are complaining about.
If you are complaining about the insurance organization: type of insurance, number of insurance certificate and, if applicable, number of claim.
If you are complaining about a credit or financial institution: you need information such as a deposit account, current account, savings contract, etc., Account or customer number and organization name.
If your complaint concerns the purchase of securities, also indicate the identification number of the securities (WKN or ISIN) and the name of the broker’s organization.

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Read the terms of a complaint on this page or contact us.

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